JPMorgan Expanding Mortgage Review

In September, Chase announced a review of 56,000 foreclosure cases in 23 states that require a judge to sign off on a foreclosure. The recent move expands the inspection to states that do not require judicial approval. Under the latest expansion, the foreclosure process will continue while documents are being examined, expected to take a few weeks. In the initial review, Chase requested that the courts not enter judgments until completion of the audit. Without a judgment from a court, those homes cannot be sold. The initial review was announced after the lender discovered that its employees may have signed affidavits on the basis of reviews done by other personnel.

In those 56,000 cases, JPMorgan Chase has asked its local foreclosure attorneys to communicate to courts, affected homeowners and their lawyers. The notification process is underway, a company spokesman said. Banks have come under increasing pressure from lawmakers in recent weeks to review foreclosures or to expand existing reviews. On Friday, Bank of America announced it was halting foreclosure sales in all 50 states as part of a widening investigation into flaws in the process. The bank said the foreclosure process on delinquent borrowers will continue, but it will not proceed to judgment or a foreclosure sale. Ally Financial, previously known as GMAC, the finance arm of General Motors, has said it is temporarily suspending evictions and post-foreclosure closings in states that require judicial review while it conducts a review of documents.
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  • 12 October
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  • Chris McLaughlin
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