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NATIONAL NETWORK: SwingSign Corporation

Our National Team

Professional Network, SwingSign Corporation

Short Sale Specialists, Field Coordinators, Third Party Negotiators, REALTORS®, Attorneys, Title Coordinators,
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Mandatory Loss Mitigation Bill

Waters Introduces Bill Calling for Mandatory Loss Mitigation

Mortgage servicing practices have taken center stage on Capitol Hill, with a flurry of bills being penned to make servicing reforms the law of the land.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-California) has revised a bill she’s brought to the table several times before that would compel lenders to engage in what she says are “reasonable loss mitigation activities” for all delinquent homeowners. Waters has long maintained that the servicing industry is “broken,” a view that has become the popular opinion in light of the robo-signing scandal last fall that brought illegal foreclosure filings to light and prompted widespread investigations into industry practices.

SwingSign Solutions

Those investigations resulted in cease and desist orders issued last week to a handful of residential mortgage servicers. Monetary penalties and separate settlements with state attorneys general are forthcoming.“In light of the slap of the wrist our regulators are preparing to give 14 servicers who admitted to breaking the law, legislation to require loss mitigation prior to foreclosure is needed now more than ever before,” said Rep. Waters. “It’s the only way to protect homeowners and to prevent foreclosures.”

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Donna Garcia: SwingSign Corporation

Donna Garcia: National Short Sale Liaison, SwingSign Corporation
Short Sale / Loss Mitigation Specialist
Foreclosure / Loss Mitigation Consultant
Team Negotiator / Process Manager

Motto: "Never mix efforts with results!"


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REALTOR® Save Your Listing

REALTOR® PreForeclosure / 'Distressed Listings' Solutions

SwingSign Corporation "...a real estate solutions company!"

We are loss mitigation/short sale specialists, focused on helping REALTORS® and their clients nationwide save their 'distressed property' listings from foreclosure. SwingSign Short Sale Systems allow REALTORS® and their 'Distressed' clients the freedom to move on with their lives, while we (SwingSign) take over the arduous loss mitigation/short sale process.


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**NO MORE lender reduced REALTOR® commissions - refer us your 'distressed' homeowners/listings and SwingSign will pay the difference the lender refuses to pay of your FULL COMMISSION at closing (if any), WE GUARANTEE IT!

Although we are loss mitigation/short sale specialists, we also offer a full range of professional, licensed Real Estate services through our national network of professionals!

If you are a 'Distressed Homeowner' in default and threatened with imminent foreclosure, or your ARM has adjusted and you feel yourself slipping deeper and deeper under the weight of worry and debt, we may be able to help you STOP and AVOID FORECLOSURE and keep a foreclosure off your credit report!

We have the very best loss mitigation/short sale programs available for a homeowner to STOP and AVOID FORECLOSURE and SELL THEIR 'DISTRESSED' PROPERTY!


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FBI Looking at Foreclosure Mess

As much as the big banks want to end the mess and move on; as much as the country NEEDS this mess to be over, it looks like it's around for a while. Attorneys general in all 50 states are jointly investigating whether lenders violated state laws, lawyers for evicted homeowners are preparing lawsuits against major lenders, state judges have signaled they will review the banks' foreclosure documents with skepticism, and lawmakers on Capitol Hill plan to hold hearings. On top of all that, now and unnamed official has told CNBC that the FBI is in the initial stages of trying to determine whether the financial industry may have broken criminal laws in the mortgage foreclosure crisis. The law enforcement official says the question is whether some in the industry were acting with criminal intent or were simply overwhelmed by events in the wake of the housing market's collapse.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is just getting under way. Hundreds of judges around the country have the authority to penalize bank officials who violate their procedural rules. They could also force thousands of foreclosure cases to go to full trials rather than issue a quick ruling. Judges won't take well to banks that filed erroneous documents with their courts, said Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller. "There could be some serious consequences," including criminal charges, Zoeller said. Even if there aren't, lawsuits are likely to continue for years, said Guy Cecala, publisher of trade publication Inside Mortgage Finance. "Some of these plaintiffs' attorneys clearly smell blood in the water," Cecala said.

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BOA Resumes Foreclosures

BOA Resumes Foreclosures in 23 States

Bank of America reviewed 102,000 foreclosures in the 23 states where a court must sign off on the proceedings, and it is now restarting the process on those cases, the company said yesterday. The company said the first of the new affidavits will be submitted by Oct. 25, and that it will continue its review in 27 other states. According to a spokeswoman for the bank, no errors were found during the review, and fewer than 30,000 foreclosure sales across all 50 states will be delayed as a result of the investigation. The announcement comes one day before the bank's third quarter earnings report, and might ease investor concerns over the scale and timeframe of the bank's review process. "This is an even better outcome than we previously thought," said Paul Miller, an analyst at FBR Capital Markets. "We thought January was a more likely time to restart the [foreclosure] process." All told, 1.8 million loans are in foreclosure in the 23 so-called judicial states, while 1.3 million are pending elsewhere in the country, according to a Morgan Stanley analyst report.

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